Thursday, December 17, 2009

Saving , Editing, Merging of FLV

One of the many things that I did these days is, able to edit flv at runtime and save it on user's disk. Very exciting :)
I wanted to document this since the time I wrote this small APP, but I am late by a month or so. (as usual :) )
So there are so many open source information available online. But it’s all in bits and pieces. We need to understand all that, specially the FLV specification.
I created a flveditor myself for one of the feature that I needed to build. When we talk about flv editing, the very first app that come in mind is "The Vary famous RichFLV", which does lot many thing.
core features are :
1) Slice flv
2) Mere slices
3) Look at key frames
4) Add cue points etc
The core to all this is “Byte Array”. My favorite, same old “Byte Array”. :) All these features can be achieved by just core methods like readBytes(), writeBytes(), and
The important resources we can use is
explains all we can use to slice a flv Great thanks to “Thibault
It does not explains, what to do if we are loading flv from remote location. We just need to load it using urlLoader and then read the byte information . It was the easy part.
This class does not let you merege slices from two different flv. I just wrote a small wrapper on top of it and now I could merge two flv’s also .
this is the class to write flv to disk , from scratch.
I used some of this class’s part to add transition to flv slices
3)And last but not the least, everything about flv a must read before we do anything with the editing flv

Keeping this post small as usual :) I am not good at writing :)

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