Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My first Apollo application

Checked out the Apollo followed the tutorial on labs by Andrew Muller : Building your First flex-based Apollo application. and could make an first step towards it. Its something very similar to mdm and Mprojector. There we get the mdm component to access the api of mdm (in flash). Here we need to have a apolloApplication tag instead of Applicaion tag in(flex) and Basically it creates a exe to which we can give attributes from xml(myApp-app.xml ) file kept on application root. we can have all the attributes like transparency's systemChrome and applications icon. We need to create a deployable air (installer )file.

We can ditribute this air file for the installation. and thats all..
Apollo app is created. we just need to study the Apollo api's :

Monday, March 19, 2007

Apollo is on Adobe labs

Was waiting long for Apollo ..and now the wait has ended. Was desperate to try something in it. But it was not available for development for the common developers.
But now its publicly available for the download on the adobe labs.We were reading a lot about it , its Camp from the various ppl's blog. But now will actually get to try something on it. :) Just visit this link : Check out all the sample applications and learn a lot , develop a lot :) Cheers :)!