Friday, December 29, 2006

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Trial in photoShop

I just tried doing something with the photoshop

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Just was reading about the particle physics and came across the antimatter theory which can create a huge amount of energy.

They say when matter and antimatters comes into contact it annihilate each other and they also say there exist a antimatters for every matter. Anti matters are nothing but the particles with opposite charge. An example of which is the positron versus electron. Positron is the antimatter of electron. If our world prefers right-handedness, then the world of antimatter prefers left-handedness

At the Big Bang, equal quantities of matter and antimatter should have been created, and subsequently annihilated each other, leaving nothing but energy. But then nothing like this happened, universe is here and hence we are all alive. Why so?

Lots of experiments is going on to create a antimatter and scientist are successful in creating such matter. If the matter and antimatters are given the high velocity in the same direction and if they come in contact they can create huge energy. This does violates the law of conservation of energy. as energy is emerged out of nothing..

What we all learnt till now was all wrong?

This theory is making me to think lot many things which are applicable to our life also..

As antimatter, we also have one dark and one good face what happens when the life ends. These good and bad in us collide with each other and leaving nothing behind, but the energy. And then what?? Does it really matter what was good and what was bad?