Friday, December 8, 2006

A good search engine

Soap and flash

I need to use SOAP objects in my projects to retrieve result from webservice got a very very good link Its the presentation done in flash.

Documentation really important

Here (in ignify) ,The project I am dealing with have lots of webservice calls. and hence a quite a good amount of client server communication. The UI is in flash (obviously ) and uses .net webservices. I could partially implement the model-view-control architecture but not fully. The worst part of it was the documentation. when I prepared the document of so called "class diagram document " I was happy and I was really happy in myself that I did some systematic job. But when I sent it across to the seniors, I got a pathetic comments on it. Even when I got it reviewed from different people , I got a comment that , document is very poorly written, No enough of information, the class Names , Method Names and even properties are not properly explained. This is was bad. I need to improve more and more on this.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Column Names of data grid

I was really dumb enough to not to realize that there exists a "DataGridColumn" class which lets me to define my column header of datagrid. I was wondering arround to find out how can I have my column Names with space and wasted lots of time.. but here I found the very simple straight forward way: import mx.controls.gridclasses.DataGridColumn; // Add columns to grid. var name_dgc:DataGridColumn = my_dg.addColumn(new DataGridColumn("phasevol")); name_dgc.headerText = "Phase Vol."; var score_dgc:DataGridColumn = my_dg.addColumn(new DataGridColumn("figurenumber")); score_dgc.headerText = "Figure No." ;my_dg.addItem({phasevol:"01", figurenumber:30});

First Post

I Started a blog today. I hope,I will post regularlly Cheers !