Thursday, November 22, 2007

PurpleTrail deskop - My AIR Project

Yes ...Its MY AIR Air beta2 and flex 3... :) and I am damn happy about it. I got a chance to work in these techs and to build a product...I have craved for this chance all through my carrier and yes I got it thanks to my employer for trusting me...I have been a lot busy with this lately..and could not post anything here..

Completed the first part of our product. have a look at the screen shot..Its the desktop version of the app Please have a look at the application..the work is still in progress.. losts of new feature will come in. All that we see on web there will come in desktop :) :) :) ..I am too excited about it..May god help me in the future journey of this.

There is lot more to come.. can not summaries in one screen....
The main feature that i wanted to highlight here is the Smiley Textfield..
Yes its our normal textArea class...extended.. and coustmized to read img tag and anchor tag (text in anchor tag gets the special formatting.) these features are not available with our normal textArea..look at the tooltil also.. ToolTip class is also customized to hold the rich text..with img tag.

There are lot many things not just smiley.. like autorize textArea..clickable field in textArea.. etc. etc. Had lots of fun doing this..more fun is waiting for me. I am too impaitent to make it furnish. Thanks God for everything

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