Thursday, August 16, 2007

beyond imaginaion APE and papervision 3

These two open source project are really awesome.
All the things that happens to the particles in nature by the forces of
physics are implemented in " APE ".

I have heard a lot and seen a lot about the desktop by Anand agrawal.
On similar front,
shows how neatly the tileUI has been made by McCune.

I am completely flattered and now thinking of some idea..
what I can do with this.

* AI game? (can think of it.. but there are many categories
like technical simulation of hi-tech machine or
car racing game etc etc. )

* menu Style? (there are already menu styles in menu)

* Some organizer like task organizer (this becomes too professional )?

* Some todo list.. this can be done.. actully I have done also
with apollo.. but this will be just like copying McCune's concept.

What should I do .. a better idea.. got to think a lot


Akky said...

WoW, Nice find !

Keep thinking ;)

waiting for rains said...

Thanks :)